Sunday, 4 October 2009


I call for the expulsion of both Nigeria and Jamaica from the British Commonwealth.

Their continued repression of Gay Rights is contrary to other member nations of whom the majority recognise the equal status of their citizens and in these circumstances, neither deserves a place at the`round table` chaired by our most gracious Majesty, the Queen.

The British Honorary Consul in Jamaica, found murdered in September with a note `This is what will happen to all Gays` near his body, says everything potential tourists need to know about the homophobic Caribbean island.

Gay visitors should also exercise extreme caution in Nigeria which claims to be a democracy, but where homosexual acts are punishable by DEATH.

The expected 50,000 visitors to next month`s World Travel Market in London could do well to make their feelings known to the respective tourist boards.

c.Christine Osborne.


  1. Fabulous comment and timely warning against any forms of sexual oppression. How odious it is when personal or cultural prejudice imposes itself et large, especially when it is exercised, as it most usually is, on the individual by the thugs of righteousness. All such issues involving individual choice of a sexual nature, including abortion and transsexualism must be recognised as a personal choice and respected as such. And all imposed sexual practises against individual rights such as female castration must be annihilated.

  2. Horrifying, just horrifying. People always need someone to hate, it seems


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