Sunday, 6 December 2009


An issue that concerns me as a resident of South London is the amount of spitting, especially in Vauxhall where I live. Globs of phlegm were actually glistening in the rare sunlight along the Wandsworth Road this week.

The Chinese, through a massive education programme twenty years ago, have managed to greatly reduce this dangerous and offensive habit, but no UK government or local council, seems concerned.

As well as being anti-social, spitting is gravely serious: bacterium dry on the pavement and becoming air borne, put all of us at risk.

Why do we have an alarming increase in TB in Britain - said to be as high as 40% in London? Because TB carriers are spitting: women being as much to blame as men.

Particular offenders are peoples from the Horn of Africa who do it in their countries of origin, and may not even be aware of the habit. But they are not alone: Arabs and many new arrivals from Eastern Europe are also spitters.

While instructing us to embrace a multi-cultural society, it is time the British government initiates an education programme before we all come down with tuberculosis.

A good start would be to erect signs saying Spitting Prohibited: Fine £100.



  1. Right behind you on this subject . get the footballers to stop too-- yes to a fine ! Much more action needed to combat this dangerous matter.

  2. Great to have laws, but who enforces?

  3. Parking wardens. They receive all sorts of perks for issuing parking tickets, the warden who collects the most receipts for spitting, could win a holiday in Mogadishu.

  4. C.O`s comments ` brilliant ` What an excellent idea to use traffic wardens ! In the Times today Tiger Woods is castigated for his spitting, among other things - no not the girls, his swearing etc . A reader calls him ` theUS`s spitter-in-chief ` Suitable title ? Now is the time for all good spitters to cough up for the last time. Keep healthy folks !

  5. Shamefully oppressive for an aussie. 'Bacterium dry then become air borne' Don't believe that remark for a second, no one died from spitting ever. The only reason not to spit is because it is bad manners.

  6. The comment by someone who remains Anonymous is
    clearly someone with a grudge, but to make such a stupid remark about spitting simply being bad manners shows his ignorance. Bad manners is the least of it!! Do some reading on the subject chum.


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