Sunday, 30 August 2009


I`m sick of lawyers attributing prostate cancer by way of explanation for anti-social behaviour.

We have the widely publicised case of Megrahi, the `Libyan bomber` released because he is suffering from prostate cancer, in a deal involving the British government and Libya, in compliance with a `compassionate` but foolish, Scottish judiciary.

And now I read of a carer employed in a home for the intellectually impaired near Wollongong in NSW, who is reported to have unnaturally fondled female inmates.

Result: suspension on $52,000 full pay while the tribunal takes into account that he is suffering from prostate cancer and depression.

Whoa! Some 44,000 women are diagnosed annually with invasive breast cancer (UK figures) but do we ever hear of parallel misdemeanours?

Never! So let`s stop attributing unacceptable behaviour to prostate cancer and get on with a proper conviction.

The Australian case only involves the abuse of women in care, sadly unable to defend themselves, as opposed to the heinous bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103.

Megrahi, responsible for the deaths of 259 people and now free, after serving only seven years in detention, is nothing but a wicked Muslim.

I wonder is he fasting during Ramadan? Or is he exempt, because of failing health? He certainly didn`t look like a man with only ` 3 months to live` on his triumphant home-coming in Tripoli.

c.Christine Osborne

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