Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Few regimes are as illegitimate and cruel as General Than Shwe's in Burma. But will international governments do more than mutter disapproval at the new sentence imposed on the long suffering democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Unlikely. As long as the Junta can rely on China, and Russia, to veto any major action by the Security Council, and while ASEAN (some of whose members are big investors in Burma) merely whisper their disapproval, the generals felt safe in imposing a further 18 months imprisonment.

The swim across Inya Lake to Suu Kyi`s house, by the American nerd, John Yettaw, was a gift from heaven, providing them with a perfect excuse to prevent her taking part in next year`s elections.

We must all keep up the pressure, in what ever way we can.

While Suu Kyi herself has asked tourists to stay away from Burma, I maintain this is the best way for people to see the state of play for themselves.

But go independently, not via a travel agent. Stay at small hotels and eat in local restaurants so that the money goes direct to the people.

c.Christine Osborne
Images: Rangoon street & women repairing roads by hand.
Source : www.copix.co.uk


  1. Always an excellent read, Christine: thoughtful, thought-provoking comment with terrific pictures. Good one! Thanks for taking the time and trouble. TG

  2. Agree with TG. I think it's good that tourists visit Burma to see how the land lies. It's very sad, that this person jeopardized Aung San Suu Kyi's hopeful release. The junta would probably have found another reason. Some years ago, one had to stay in govt approved hotels, and couldn't stay where one wished.I stayed in the YWCA. Jules


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